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How to decorate a conservatory

How to decorate a conservatory

So you’ve bought a conservatory and now you’re not quite sure what to do with it? Obviously it is important to you that the space is used effectively but you want it to look as good as the rest of your house, if not better. However, the way the conservatory is decorated will depend on what you’ll be using it for. The most popular choice is either a dining area or a second living area; both are great choices and can be decorated in your own unique style.


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A modern looking conservatory is a popular choice, with simple white furniture used sparingly and lots of open, clear space for the clean, functional, futuristic look. However if you want your conservatory to operate as a family room you will probably want something more cosy and colourful. A thick rug can take away some of the impact of a cold tiled floor and felt provide insulation. A sofa with coloured pillows or a nice wooden dining table with some cushioned dining chairs can be a great homely touch when seen alongside coloured or colour tinted blinds and make the space cosy and comfortable for all the family.

If your conservatory is going to act as an indoor extension of your garden then garden furniture, even a garden swing seat, can be a great addition alongside all your favourite plants and flowers. This might give you the perfect space for sitting with a cup of tea whilst bird watching when it’s not as warm as you might like outside. It might also provide a space for your more delicate plant life during the harsh winter months. Some light curtains and lots of natural colours can really set off the space.

The Conservatory

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If you don’t want to cover your ceiling panels or just don’t like rolling blinds you might consider using fabric and just softly draping it. This gives you the option of a number of colours and textures to block out a little or a lot of light and you can chose to leave some of the conservatory to have light all of the time or cover it all. This gives a grand, elegant look to the room and really suits the modern designed conservatory when white fabric is used, or you can add a ceiling fan and some wicker chairs for a more colonial look.

If you only have a small conservatory you can decorate a cosy relaxation space using natural materials such as some wicker chairs and a driftwood coffee table, when accessorised with some leafy ferns you can be greeted by an oasis of calm, as opposed to a little cluttered conservatory. This makes a great area for some quiet reading and a few candles can make it a great place to sit with a glass of wine and talk on an evening.

The basics of decorating a conservatory are very simple when you think about them, first of all try to stick to light colours; the space is

English: A 2 x 9 segment panoramic image of th...

English: A 2 x 9 segment panoramic image of the Princess of Wales Conservatory in Kew Gardens, London, England. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

designed to bring in lots of natural light and you want the space to emphasise that. Wicker furniture is always a good option, cost effective and very stylish. Plants thrive in a conservatory because of the extra natural light and provide a beautiful living decoration. Blinds, curtains or draping fabrics are needed to protect your furniture from fading because of the sun; they will also make the conservatory more comfortable on the rare occasions when the sun is proving to be too much. Ensure you have the heating and insulation you need, a conservatory is a wonderful space on a winter morning, but only if it’s nice and warm.

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